Presenting large“Deborah is one of those people who can make you excited to learn and get involved. Her passion for educating people on the importance of early brain development is contagious! Her creation of the phenomenal brain development activity packets (ages zero-five) is exactly what parents, teachers, day care providers, students and anybody who cares about children need. Do yourself a favor, attend one of her seminars to learn how brain development can change the way you think.”

“Deborah brings significant expertise to her work. Just as important, in my opinion, is the fact that she then combines that knowledge and insight with an infectious enthusiasm for teaching about and training others on the development and needs of children.”

Brain Insights was founded as a result of an inspired moment that provided an incredible passion to promote the potential within every child As a freshman in college I had not yet chosen a profession. In meeting with my adviser on a Friday at the end of the first semester, she told me I had to choose a major by Monday. Of course I then spent the weekend thinking about which career would be the most interesting. Then on Sunday morning, as I was watching a children’s choir with my family, the following thought came to me:
“All of the adults influencing the lives of these children don’t know all they could know to help them become all that they have the potential to become!”
It is not easy to adequately convey in words how in that one second, I became truly and extremely inspired. It was in that moment I knew I wanted to learn everything I could to help children develop to their fullest potential, and I wanted to positively help in their development as early in their life as possible. In that one moment I was incredibly motivated to make a difference for all children and that single thought has guided my life to this day.

At that time, when I knew I wanted to help children as early as possible, the scientific research on early brain development wasn’t available. The technology was not yet advanced enough to demonstrate the extraordinary effects experiences have on developing brains in the early months and years of life. When I was working on my degree, what we knew about how children learned was based primarily on behavioral studies and theories. So we didn’t have evidence to show that these early childhood years were the most critical for the most positive long term outcomes. Now we do! When scientific brain research was revealed, I could not have been more enthused. I became filled with a passion to share this information with EVERYONE ... EVERYWHERE!!

We are so extremely fortunate to have scientific research providing us with the understanding of what most positively influences the early brain development and self perception of young children. And it really isn’t complicated. Having this understanding eases the minds of parents and professionals working with children.
Understanding early brain development provides a wonderful confidence in knowing you are doing what is best for the full potential of the children in your life. And you get the "aha" insights that simply make life with children easier.

Brain Insights was created from my heart to share this incredibly important information in everyday language. It also provides easy implementation ideas for you to influence the best outcome for your child while enjoying fun and loving moments that ultimately create invaluable memories together!