When we first began FCCPSD in 2005, our tagline was "Growing Together." Even though we aren't using that officially any more, it still expresses our core philosophy. We're family child care providers who are moving on the path of professionalism, and also expanding ourselves as individuals in our communities. We do this by our own choice, of course, as we take on leadership positions and grow into them. We have seen providers move to careers as national and regional presenters, we've seen providers become school board members, we've seen them become board members of national organizations. This all happened because they were part of our steering committee and gained experiences of leadership and teamwork and found a way to develop new skills. We invite you to be part of the team and to grow together wiith us.

Apply for nomination to our 2017—2018 Steering Committee

Job Descriptions of FCCPSD Steering Committee Members

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