Out of concern for the safety and health of providers, presenters, vendors and the families they serve, Renew Conference has been moved to Spring of 2022, in Huron with Richard Cohen. Please save the date! We hope to RENEW with you then! We'll have information soon about our Wonder Conference, scheduled for April 30–May 1, 2021 in Chamberlain.

Our third conference, Giggle, Grin, and Grow held in Aberdeen, SD in 2008, was an extremely fun conference. This was Denita Dingers' first time presenting at a conference. She fell in love with teaching adults in this type of setting and it became the springboard for her continuation of presenting, keynoting, and then becoming a national presenter and author. Jane Kitson inspired her to pursue her new-found love of presenting. As you see from the photos, Denita's talent for presenting stood out right from the very start. She had her participants fully engaged in their learning experiences. Jane Kitson is a hands-on presenter and had the participants truly participate whether it was a keynote presentation or an intimate classroom group. Kristi McCann led the Friday night activities and because we were in Aberdeen, with the Wizard of Oz themed Storybook Island, chose to follow that theme fully for the entire evening. The crew enthusiastically donned costumes and played their parts through the evening's learning activities and award ceremonies.

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