Out of concern for the safety and health of providers, presenters, vendors and the families they serve, Renew Conference has been moved to Spring of 2022, in Huron with Richard Cohen. Please save the date! We hope to RENEW with you then! We'll have information soon about our Wonder Conference, scheduled for April 30–May 1, 2021 in Chamberlain.

Top 10 Highlights of FCCPSD for the past year

10. FCCPSD Steering Committee and members have developed a wonderful calendar for providers that includes recipes and activity ideas for each month.
9. A "welcome to the world of family child care" gift has been purchased and will be given to new state registered providers. The gift is the book, The Crayon Box that Talked and it includes activity ideas compiled by members of FCCPSD.
8. A legislation link has been added to the FCCPSD website: www.sdfcc.org
7. FCCPSD membership stands at 319 members. We had 33 new members this year. 
6. We have money to spend on achieving our mission statement! Our treasurer report includes a 5 digit number (BEFORE the decimal!).
5. A CDA forum and an "Ask Child Care Services" forum were added to an already extensive list of forums on the message board of our website.
4. Steering Committee members and members attending the Jan. Steering Committee meeting learned how to talk like a pirate. Now....you tell me another association other than "Pirates Anonymous" that allows that kind of excitement during a board meeting. Of course pirate attire was required and there was treasure found at the end of the meeting!
3. Our monthly newsletter was updated and made available to members only at the beginning of the month. The newsletter is available on our website at the end of the month.
2.We were presented with the extreme honor of being listed on the South Dakota Voices for Children "Champion for Children Honor Roll."

1. And the number one accomplishment of FCCPSD this year was the State of South Dakota Child Services office asked FCCPSD to write a Mentor Training Curriculum. With a heaping pile of enthusiasm, a large amount of creativity, and an even larger time commitment, members of our association met the challenge. The curriculum will be unveiled at the Mentor Training in Chamberlain on May 31-June 1st.