Out of concern for the safety and health of providers, presenters, vendors and the families they serve, Renew Conference has been moved to Spring of 2022, in Huron with Richard Cohen. Please save the date! We hope to RENEW with you then! We'll have information soon about our Wonder Conference, scheduled for April 30–May 1, 2021 in Chamberlain.

This Steering Committee was elected at the first annual conference, Growing Together, held at the Sioux Falls Convention Center and featured Lynn Manfredi/Pettit.

The 2006–2007 Board members

Renae Boehmer, FCCSD Chair
Denita Dinger, Chair-Elect
Dawn Wahl, Past Chair
Secretary, Debby Bullis
Treasurer, Bobbe Wingert
Networking Chair and Newsletter Editor, Jackie Rippert 
Lavonne Luellman, Advocacy Chair
Lynette Lohan, Professional Development Chair and Conference Chair

This year was a year of in-depth planning by the Steering Committee. It involved Vision, Purpose, and... The GOAL GRID developed by FCCPSD Chair, Renae Boehmer who was looking to the future and making sure we were on track to accomplishing those goals. This year saw FCCPSD connect with a well-attended retreat and Steering Committee meeting in Tulare. Renae led the Committee through deep discussions of what we wanted to see accomplished in the next five years and structured the result in a grid. Within 2 years we had accomplished the goals, but that's for the next years to report.

The second conference, Hand In Hand, was in the works. We connected with Volunteers of America and Dawn Wahl was the representative for that work. We were given a grant to help us with establishing ourselves as a volunteer organization through that effort. It was, indeed, a successful second year.

Renae Boehmer
FCCPSD Chair 2005-2006
It was during my year as president of FCCPSD that my career as a family child care provider made a major move outside the walls of my own house. A group of women took their passion for children and families and used it to affect more children and families than they could fit within their own homes and, ultimately, improved child care across the state of South Dakota - and beyond! 2006 was the year of taking the energy and ideas we harvested in 2004 and 2005 and giving it some structure: We created long-term goals, established non-profit status, received a capacity-building grant, hosted mentor training AND planned our second statewide conference. What rewarding memories of cooperation, commitment and compassion!

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