fccpsd 2005

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 The association was officially launched February 25, 2005, at the SDAEYC/Headstart Conference held at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.

The name was chosen from many submissions of those in attendance at the meeting. A time frame for our conferences was selected. An initial board of directors titled as Steering Committee were voted into office:

Dawn Wahl, FCCPSD Chair

Renae Boehmer, Chair-Elect

Debby Bullis, Secretary

Janet Hofer, Treasurer

JoAnne Geiser, Networking Chair

Lavonne Luellman, Adovcacy Chair

Lynette Lohan, Professional Development Chair



Dawn Wahl Chair

Founding Family Child Care Professionals of South Dakota has been one of the highlights of my career as a family child care professional. The women I was privileged to work with and admire stretched me and made me grow. We had a glorious time as we threw ourselves into nurturing the new association and making it grow and develop into the family of professionals as it exists today. Many have come and gone in the years, but the friendships and the memories remain.