SENWe are a group of family day care providers who get together once a month for fellowship, education, networking, and a few laughs in Sioux Falls, SD.


As family day care providers, we have the pleasure of caring for and loving children every day. It is a profession full of joy, laughter and growth. But, it can also be lonely and frustrating spending full days without other adults. We really need the understanding of other people who spend their days with young children.


There are so many rules and regulations between state registration, Sioux Falls city registration, zoning ordinances, and food program requirements that it can become very confusing. In this group, experienced providers are able to share what has worked for them and help sort through the regulation maze.


We help one another build our businesses by sharing ideas that increase the quality of the care we provide and the relationships we maintain with the families we serve. We offer referrals to each other. Daycare providers are gaining status as a professional group and we see it as our job to continue this trend by building one another up.

Monthly SEN Newsletter

One of the benefits of being a member of our network is the opportunity to receive our monthly newsletter. It contains information on the topic for that month's meeting along with meeting times and locations. In the newsletter, members will find information on resources their businesses can't do without, reminders of trainings and events specific to child care, and fun seasonal songs and finger plays.