Out of concern for the safety and health of providers, presenters, vendors and the families they serve, Renew Conference has been moved to Spring of 2022, in Huron with Richard Cohen. Please save the date! We hope to RENEW with you then! We'll have information soon about our Wonder Conference, scheduled for April 30–May 1, 2021 in Chamberlain.

We are South Dakota's statewide volunteer association of family child care providers and group home providers whose mission is to empower family child care professionals and achieve high quality care for all South Dakota children.

Free Membership for 2021

In light of the financial strain our providers have faced this past year, the FCCPSD Steering Committee has rescinded dues for 2021. If you would like to join, please go to the JOIN tab. Please join the email list. Everyone on the email list will be considered a member for 2021.


2022 Renew Conference with Richard Cohen

We are going to Renew our RENEW Conference in 2022!

We regret to postpone our conference, but you all understand the circumstances. We hope you are continuing to stay well. We thank the organizers and presenters who put so much time and effort into planning Renew. We look forward to renewing the conference, and YOU in 2022. Alinda Wiarda is graciously remaining Conference Chair of this highly anticipated and still-coming conference.


We are sorry to announce that we have had to cancel our 2021 Conference.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the FCCPSD Steering Committee voted to cancel the 2021 Conference, Wonder. We're very sorry to have to take this step. Please plan to join us in 2022 in Huron with Richard Cohen. We are looking forward to this next opportunity to have a full conference.