Deadly Dangers Alert
There are many dangers for young children in our environments. Please be aware of these often-overlooked ones and take appropriate action.

Window Blind Cords KILL

Get the facts about window blind cords

Despite the fact that deaths have been occuring for more than 40 years, blinds are still sold with cords. Find cordless blinds and keep your child safe. Check the homes your child visits or goes for care, to be sure that the blinds and curtains used do not have cords.

There was a death in South Dakota in 2017. Don't let your child be the next victim.


- Swallowing two or more magnets can cause them to stick together which results in the intestinal tissue being squeezed between, causing ulceration, infection, and potentially death. If a child is suspected of swallowing magnets, get him to the ER for evaluation and treatment promptly.

Button Batteries

- found in greeting cards, remote controls, electric candles, key chains, keys, etc. Causes permanent esophogeal damage requiring surgery and repair, and can be fatal. Damage is severe and effects can be life-long. Symptomless after swallowing if it is lodged. If the battery cannot be located, rush the child to the ER for evaluation and removal. National Battery Ingestion Hotline 1-202-655-3333  Poison Control Hotline 1-800-222-1222