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Car Seat Recall Information

An Excerpt from Safe Kids Worldwide

Child passenger safety restraints
When installed and used correctly, child safety seats and safety belts can prevent injuries
and save lives. Child safety seats can reduce fatal injury by up to 71 percent for infants and
54 percent for toddlers (ages 1 to 4).17
 It is estimated that 263 children were saved due to restraint use in 2013 alone.11
 From 1975 through 2013, an estimated 10,421 lives were saved by child safety seats or
adult seat belts for children ages 4 and under.17
 In 2011, 98 percent of caregivers of children ages 8 and under used restraints when
transporting their children. Almost half of these caregivers did not use the restraint
correctly, which reduces the protection provided in the event of a crash.19
 Only 32 percent of caregivers using rear-facing convertible car seats are very confident
that they are using them correctly (in a manner which would save their child’s life during
a crash).19

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