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Child Behavior, Guidance, Development, and Temperament

From temperament to tiredness, from developmental level to state of health, parents, providers and children can struggle with child behavior. Goodness knows how often we struggle with adult behavior! Children haven't even developed the self-control that we have attained. No wonder they just "let it out" sometimes.

Behaviors that are normal in a two year old are out of the realm of acceptable in a four year old. How do you know what is typical for the age and what is not?

Temperament affects how a child handles stress and emotion. Our temperamental bent affects how we perceive that child's behavior and what we can tolerate. Understanding the differences can help us be better parents and providers.

The physical state of a child affects behavior. Is the child tired? Hungry? Coming down with something? Stressed? We need to check out the physical state, too, and make adjustments.

How do we get through the tantrums and the orneriness to see the cooperation and good nature children also express?

When do we become concerned when a child seems to not be developing on schedule? What should we be looking for and where do we turn for help?


I know the signs of healthy child development.

CDC's Child Development Page


When does challenging behavior require intervention from experts?

How can we lessen some of the more common challenging behaviors?

Check the list on the right for specific help.

You can also call your regional ECE for consultation in your child care setting.

If the video doesn't play, the CDC site is not working. We've contacted them to see if they will fix it. 3/18/17.


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