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Robin Stoltman

Robin Stoltman

Specializing in Stage hypnosis, Stress & Pain Management, E.F.T, oils and More 320-460-0272

SD Game, Fish,& Parks

SD Game, Fish,& Parks

Visit the site to learn about the Outdoor Campus and other educational opportunities!

Play therapy for children with behavior challenges, counseling for women, and consultation for child care programs to improve quality and promote positive behaviors of the children in care in Sioux Falls.

South Dakota Statewide Family Engagement Center

South Dakota Statewide Family Engagement Center

Growing Learners Cradle-to-Career


Friday Morning Keynote

Aaahhh, The Refreshing Co-Worker

Keeping spirits high during times of challenge and change, with the Power of “RE” !.  

Great Leaders/Teachers know they must take time to replenish themselves to keep their spirit fresh and their perspective positive.  This workshop promises to help leaders like you do just that.

REFRESH - your perspective - RE-CHARGE your batteries - REPLENISH your leadership spirit

The journey from mere employee/team member to Refreshing Co-Worker is a challenging one.  But it is certainly one worth taking.  You’ll leave this session with a personal leadership action plan to help you walk, talk and live in a more refreshing way.


Friday Evening Keynote

The Dog Poop Initiative, a True Story. 

In this initiative inspiring session, Kirk will share the story behind the true story that inspired thousands of individual and organizations to stop pointing, complaining and blaming, and start taking initiative and ownership and become Super Scoopers!


Saturday Morning Keynote

Happily ever After and ONCE UPON a TIME -  Influencing Culture through Giving People a Story to Tell

“How was work today?” Everyone of your people, including you, goes home from work each day and is asked some fo rm of this question from a spouse, room mate, or significant other.  The answer to that question is a direct reflection on your organizations culture, the spirit of your working climate…even your leadership.  With just a little bit of deliberate planning and shifted paradigm… we can directly influence the “Story they Tell” in answer to the question.  We can directly influence their dominate thoughts about their work-lives and even the spirit of the workplace itself.  This session will showcase success stories of those who have employed this philosophy with measurable results, and you’ll leave this session with their “happy endings” helping you as you help others to write/have their own.  … Happily ever Afters!


Saturday Morning Workshop

STORY WARRIORS – Teller, Teacher, Leader, Warrior!

Intentional Storytelling to Shape Your Project Team Culture –
Since the beginning of time stories have been the most elemental means of communicating a civilization’s culture, values, myths, legends, and traditions. The storytellers of ancient days were considered to be the sages, leaders, and gurus of their people, helping keep values alive, cultures strong, and commitment and connectedness to community high. Storytelling can be one of the most powerful culture building tools with any project team.  
 This fun and example filled keynote will strengthen your storytelling skills, as it illustrates the power of intentional storytelling to change culture, change minds, change attitudes, and even to change lives.  You will learn how to tell better, teach better and lead better by becoming a Story Warrior!